Thursday, 22 September 2011

Influences are Important

Giorgio di Chirico has always had a place in my affections because he looks like he should have been one of the Goons instead of an internationally acknowledged lover of the Piazza. This is based on the Piazza Bra in Verona and is overlooked by the colosseum which is a tourist attraction and a opera venue. Consequently the opera sets are left outside on the piazza during the daytime which has clearly irritated my hero and left him with a dilemma. Is there room left for his banana?

    Woody Allen, apparently, loves Venice and here he is outside Florians on San Marco,
    another Piazza. Florians is one of those seductive, overpriced sit outside and look cool
    bar/coffee venues that comes with its own entertainment in the form of the above happy
    band getting down to the chicken song. One can easily slip into this relaxing mood except for
    the fact that there are thousands of people about a couple of metres away photographing
    each other being shat on by the pidgeons for which they have bought overpriced bird food.
    No wonder Woody has that ponderous expression.

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